Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer School Project: Incubating and Hatching Chicken Eggs

The kids and I had a great time learning all about chicken eggs and the amazing hatching process. We incubated chicken eggs, taking care to keep the humidity and heat levels just right. Then, after 18 days, the chicks began to peep. This is the first sign that the chicks are hatching.
After they peep, the chicks cut all around the egg making a circle, then they can just pop out. When they first come out, they are wet- not the fluffy little chicks they become after they have some time to dry out.
Once the chicks were nice and fluffy and able to leave the incubator, it was time for me to set up my photo studio. These are some of my favorite pictures.
We had a great time learning together. It will be an experience we will never forget. As the summer is winding up, I feel grateful for all the fun adventures we have had and for the new adventures ahead.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mathwarts School of Mathematical Wizardry: The fun begins!

After months of hard work and preparation, finally the adventure begins! Our school year adventure this year is called "Mathwarts School of Mathematical Wizardry". Taking a Harry Potter theme and combining it with mathematics. Today (Harry's birthday!), the kids got a special delivery from an owl.
A wax sealed envelope with the Hogwarts crest especially addressed to each one of the kids.
The letter contained their acceptance into Mathwarts!
And a supply list! We will be going to "diagonal" alley in August to pick up all their supplies!
The kids were very excited! Elijah had tons of questions and kept pacing around the house with his letter asking when we'd get to go to "diagonal" alley to get the supplies. They all can't wait for our Adventure School year to begin!
And, of course, we had to have a cake for Harry's birthday! I used my castle cake pan and envisioned a beautiful replica of Hogwarts castle. Um.....didn't work out. So, with the help of sprinkles, I am now calling it a Filibuster Firework Cake. No matter what you call it, it was delicious and the kids loved it! It was a great way to celebrate the beginning of a new adventure!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let the Races Begin!!!

The kids wanted to do bike races around the circle driveway "track" that we have. So, I set up a makeshift finish line and the races began!
On your mark, get set....GO!!!
And Memphis quickly gains the lead with his super speedy bike. Elijah is close on his heels with one tire that is flat on one side to slow him down.
Memphis approaches the finish line and.....
We have a winner!!!!
On your marks, get set....GO!!!
It is a close race with Memphis in the lead. Bria and Elijah are close contenders just seconds behind.
Elijah pulls ahead, with Memphis and Bria close behind. This is anyone's game.
Oh it is a close one!!!
The boys both happily called it a tie- I think they both hit the black line at the same time, then Memphis pulled away faster. In any case, I NEVER argue with ties...ties make everyone happy.
The kids had a lot of fun racing. I look forward to more sunshine weather and more outdoor adventures to come! Let Spring begin!  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Homemade Obstacle Course

Today we set up an obstacle course. It was the first sunny day in a loooong stretch of rainy days. I wanted to get my kids ACTIVE and MOVING as much as possible. Races seemed like a good start, and obstacle course races are the most fun! Not actually owning any obstacle course equipment, we had to get creative! (but it is more fun that way!) So let me walk you through our obstacles. :)
First, there was the step stool jump- don't touch the ground!
 I love how high he jumped here.
Then, make your way to the "tire jump". Jump in the holes all the way to the end.
I love seeing them being so active. :) Burn all that energy OUT! This was made using our small play cube slide set- we just took it apart and used the parts with holes.
Then, be careful as you cross the tree-branch balance beam!
 Then, into the cardboard tunnel. :)
Through the tunnel.
and jump over the hurdles.
 Over the BIG hurdle.
And finally, balance on the small balance beam.
After a few times through the course, we decided to change things up a little bit.....
So we made the hurdles into obstacle "cones" that they had to zigzag around.
It was a lot of fun. The kids loved racing through the obstacles and I was happy to see them running and jumping in the fresh air.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lil' Firefighters

I was so excited after contacting the Ilwaco Fire Department that they were obliged to host an event for our Beach Buddy group. They rose to the task magnificently and created a wonderful time of fun for all the kids.
We were greeted by Murf, the firetruck. Very nice little guy. ;) The kids were thrilled.
Also there to greet the kids was Sparky! Sparky was a big hit with the kids.
Hyrum was not sure what to think of Sparky. He kept a safe distance. :)
This is an antique fire "truck" from 1846. I love old stuff. :)
Our whole group together minus one weary baby who did not like Sparky. Luckily, Hyrum didn't mind when I plopped him on Sparky's lap.
 And of course, can't do pictures without a silly face one!!! :P
They had fun climbing in the firetruck.
Bria driving the fire truck.
Memphis driving the fire truck.
Elijah driving the fire truck.
Hyrum was interested in the fire house dog and got brave enough to approach it.
And he finally got brave enough to poke Murf. LOL.
The kids LOVED Murf. I can't blame them. Murf danced, talked, played hide and go seek, and even played a little tag. Coolest robot fire truck EVER.
Sparky has a little admirer.
Playing tag with Murf.
Memphis trying on a fireman jacket.
And here is a little video collage all about Murf.
It was a great day and I am grateful to the Volunteer firefighters and their willingness to host this event for us! What a caring group of people.